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It can be tough to clean outside windows that are hard to reach. When taking on this task, you need to plan carefully. Think about things like how high up the windows are, your own safety and what equipment you’ll need.

Start by checking the weather forecast and choosing a day with suitable conditions. It’s best to avoid cleaning windows when it is very sunny – if the solution you use dries too fast it could leave smears or marks that are hard to see properly because of the sun shining on them.

Cleaning high windows takes time and can be complicated. This is because they are difficult to reach without the right tools and there is always a risk (however small) of falling. If you can pick a day that is cool but not cold or overcast but not rainy then you will feel more at ease as you carry out the work – and it may even go quicker!

Before getting stuck into washing the glass, make sure that there is nothing in your way. This might mean shifting plant pots, children’s toys or outdoor furniture that could get splashed with dirty water. If it is safe to do so, take down hanging baskets or remove any bars or shutters from the window. Also bear in mind that fly screens will need to be cleaned separately.

Decide which windows you are going to clean – and how. Would an extendable tool be better than a ladder (they can be awkward to manoeuvre if height varies along the wall)? Perhaps some second-storey panes pop out for easy access from inside. Getting organised at the outset saves time and stress later on!

If you feel fit and safe enough to climb a ladder, it is possible to use one when cleaning the windows on the ground floor or upstairs. To make it safer – and to avoid damage to surfaces – fit ladder feet covers.

However, an even safer option is to clean your windows with a mop on a telescopic pole plus homemade cleaning product. A 16-17ft extendable non-professional pole (widely available online) will enable you to reach upstairs windows too. This way there is no risk to health from balancing on a ladder or from causing damage (for example by dripping dirty water on your skin).

How to clean outside windows?

What cleaning supplies
will you need

Cleaning the windows on your second floor can be done without a ladder. You’ll just need some supplies and tools:

  • To get rid of cobwebs and dirt from the area around the window, use a vacuum cleaner with a long hose or a broom.
  • If you want to clean both sides of upstairs windows thoroughly – and you don’t mind spending some money – there are kits available that extend so far down from an upstairs window they can reach it while you’re standing inside. One such product is called the “telescopic window-cleaning kit” which includes a squeegee (cleaning blade made from rubber), a strip washer sleeve and a telescoping pole.
  • Make a cleaning solution by mixing water and vinegar; warm water will make the solution work better

How to Clean Upstairs Windows Without a Ladder

Choose the Right Day

Before you do anything, check the weather. The best time to clean windows is when it’s cloudy but not rainy. If the sun is out too much, it can make your cleaning solution dry too fast (and leave streaks). Rain or super-humid days aren’t great either because then your windows won’t dry well on their own — they might even get dirty again!

Prepare Your Tools and Area

These are the things you’ll need to have on hand:

  • A bucket
  • White vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • A squeegee
  • A strip applicator or a sponge
  • Lint-free cloths (like microfiber) or a few sheets of newspaper

A scrubby pad made of steel wool (only if your window glass has lots of old, baked-on spots from hard water)

Prepare the Cleaning Solution

Mix ½ cup of white vinegar with one gallon of warm water in your bucket. If your windows are really dirty, add two teaspoons of dish soap per gallon of water/vinegar mixture.

Clean the Windows

Brush off all cobwebs and loose dirt from around the edges of your windows. A dustpan brush or broom works well for this. Vacuum bugs or spiders that are trapped between panes or storm windows if you have them.

Dip your sponge or applicator into the bucket of cleaning solution and wring it out. Rub the wet applicator over the glass.

If you’re doing small upstairs windows with a sponge mop head or small applicator, protect the sill using an old towel folded so all drips will fall onto it. After mopping each pane, run a squeegee over the wet surface to remove the dirty cleaning solution.

For large downstairs picture windows, use a sponge or strip applicator. Wet it and apply plenty of solution. Let it sit for a while to soften dirt buildup; then, take the steel wool pad and gently scrub dried spots. Next, squeeze off the dirty liquid. Wipe any remaining moisture off with the lint-free cloth or newspaper page.

After each window, make sure to dry the rubber blade of the squeegee with a rag so it doesn’t leave a thin line of water as you pull it across the next pane.

Wipe these parts dry with a cloth or paper towel. If they remain wet, go over them again later so they don’t become spotted or streaked after all the water evaporates naturally.

Final Steps

If there’s crud left on some panes after you’ve finished washing them all – such as little dots or fine smudges that come off with only a fingernail– attack those areas again using just the moistened steel wool. Don’t redo entire surfaces unless absolutely necessary!

How to clean outside windows high up from the inside?

If you reside in a high-rise flat or apartment building, you’ll need to get creative when keeping the outside of your windows clean. Although it’s wonderful to be able to see for miles, you won’t enjoy the view nearly as much if there are smears and smudges all over the glass: and dirty windows tend to have that effect on people!

Safety First

Don’t risk your health trying to create dangerous new ways to clean high windows. It’s never safe – or needed – to hang out of them or climb up high just to reach the awkward corners.

Modern Cleaning Technology

Telescopic Window Cleaning Pole

If you own tall windows, particularly in a skyscraper, buying up-to-date cleaning tools may help. The least expensive option is a telescopic pole with a U-shaped attachment. It reaches outside and up so you can clean top-floor panes without leaning out.

Robotic Window Cleaners

For those with some cash to spare, a top-notch solution is a robotic window cleaner. Over the past few years these have grown in popularity – plus their effectiveness has improved dramatically. If you want streak-free results it’s worth splashing out on a higher-end model.

Magnetic Window Cleaners

If you’d rather save your cash, you could try using a magnetic window cleaner instead. While not as hi-tech as their robotic counterparts, they do come with a cheaper price tag. Be warned: this method requires a bit more effort on your behalf and may take a couple of attempts to get perfect panes.

Don’t Forget The Window Frames!

Neither robotic nor magnetic window cleaners will clean your window frames for you; so if you’ve got a lot of dirt to remove or just want to give the outside of your windows a thorough wash, consider buying a telescopic cleaning pole.

Is It Worth the Effort?

When you think about how much time and energy it takes – not to mention the possible danger – to wash tall exterior windows, deciding whether they’re worth cleaning on your own versus hiring a pro is key.

How professional window cleaners can help you?

Not everyone has the correct tools or ability to clean high windows. Not only is climbing out of windows to wash them by hand impractical, but it’s also dangerously reckless.

The safest and most effective choice would be employing a professional window cleaning service provider. These experts are not only equipped with the training needed for such tasks; they also possess all the necessary equipment. Depending upon how high up your building goes (upwards from four stories), professionals may use extendable poles carrying purified water so there is no need climb anywhere near a window! If your window cleaner needs to go higher than this, he can either abseil down using specialist ropes– an option requiring further safety training– or stay inside altogether.

Opting for expert window cleaners ensures you will not compromise on safety or spend time achieving results which may still leave something wanting -like streaks along edges where dirt has not been properly cleared off. And with today’s technology there are plenty more reasons as well: don’t forget too hard-pressed domestic staff who live miles from town centres. Now every family can have its own Day To Day Cleaners branch looking after their needs whether these be having dirty windows cleaned professionally while they’re at work (or play) or even getting the whole house spruced top-bottom once weekly. Plus making an appointment couldn’t be easier – just give us a call anytime during office hours Monday-Friday inclusive

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