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To maintain a positive work environment that encourages productivity, it’s important to keep your office clean and tidy. This doesn’t just help people work better – it also creates the right impression when you’re with customers or colleagues. One way to ensure all areas get enough attention is by having an office cleaning checklist. Whether there are five desks or 500 sq m of commercial space to look after, such a list can provide focus and structure. Indeed following a schedule makes a huge difference: research has shown that those who do so are more likely to come into a workplace that feels welcoming and professional and up-to-date with its hygiene requirements.

Office cleaning checklist

Office cleaning routines typically consist of tasks to be completed daily, weekly, and monthly. Provided below is an extensive checklist suitable for offices, shops, hotels, restaurants and other commercial premises.

Daily office cleaning checklist

It is important to keep the office clean because it helps people work better and keeps them healthy. Make sure this happens every day by following a routine that covers all areas – here is an updated list!

Tasks to be completed include:

  • Removing rubbish and replacing bin liners, disinfecting bins if required
  • Dusting desks, chairs, tables and other furniture with horizontal surfaces
  • Cleaning and sanitising areas where food is prepared and eaten
  • Vacuuming carpets, hard floors and mats each week; arranging for professional cleaners to do a monthly or bi-monthly deep clean to get the best value for money
  • Mopping hard floors with disinfectant at least once daily
  • Keeping the kitchen area clean: emptying the dishwasher, restocking supplies of hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper and facial tissues; thoroughly cleaning microwaves, coffee makers and other appliances
  • Regularly washing internal windows, door handles and frames, light switches
  • Make sure there is always hand soap available; check dispensers for hand towels and hand dryers are full
  • Sterilising urinals and toilets every day
  • Replenishing stocks of hand soap, paper towels and toilet paper so they don’t run out; storing items neatly so they look presentable
  • Cleaning whiteboards, partitions, mirrors and picture frames
  • Wiping phones, computer monitors, keyboards and other equipment (such as printers) with specialist products provided

Regular House Cleaning

Weekly office cleaning checklist

If you complete these tasks every week your office will always be clean and tidy. This will make sure that everyone who works there stays healthy and can get more work done – as well as making the place look nice for visitors!

Tasks which should be completed include:

  • Walls and painted surfaces should be wiped clean; any cobwebs removed.
  • Polish any metal, glass or mirror surfaces.
  • Buff wooden floors, conference tables etc., with suitable polish.
  • Whenever you can, use a squeegee on both sides of the windows.
  • Make sure that the fridge is not just empty but also spotlessly clean inside.
  • Check and refill all soap dispensers.
  • Keep an eye on the kitchen equipment and clean it when necessary.

Monthly Office Space Cleaning Checklist

Regularly cleaning office spaces can improve productivity. Use this list to stay organised and motivated—it includes must-do tasks as well as advice for maximum efficiency.

  •  Vacuum upholstery on fabric chairs
  • Check vents and clean them if necessary
  • Declutter cabinets and drawers by removing old paperwork and files
  •  Polish floors so they always look their best
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