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Summer is in full swing and so too is the need for end-of-lease cleaning – big time. Day To Day Cleaners says it has experienced a huge surge in demand lately, with some days seeing 100 quote requests flooding in. This trend doesn’t just map onto the seasonal shift between rentals though; there’s also evidence tenants are increasingly aware they stand to benefit from a professional spruce up before they move out.

The Challenge: Misunderstandings Over Pricing

Pricing misunderstandings are frequently seen at Day To Day Cleaners. Take Rachel for example (not her real name). Concerned with getting her deposit back in full, she meticulously planned her end-of-tenancy plus carpet cleaning with us – only to be shocked by the total cost when it came to pay!

Customer Story

Rachel’s experience illustrates the challenge — she got in touch to ask for a quote based on how big her flat was and let us know she needed the carpets cleaned too. We gave her a detailed estimate that took into consideration everything from the size of the place to specific cleaning needs such as getting rid of stains and deep-cleaning the carpet fibers.

When our cleaners and carpet cleaning technician turned up on time as agreed, Rachel seemed happy at how quickly they worked. But when she received an invoice, things changed: it turns out all along she had only been thinking about their hourly rate and this led to confusion over what the total cost would be.

The Customer’s Reaction

Rachel’s first response was both understandable and concerning. As with most clients, she assumed that the number of hours cleaning would equate to price. Our service however involves much more than just cleaning!

Handling the Situation

The manager quickly stepped in when Rachel raised some issues. He broke down the costs for her: we don’t just use specialist cleaning materials and equipment, or work really hard when we clean carpets – although they’re important factors. It’s also about paying for travel time as well as expenses such as insurance and van repairs.

Educating the Customer

During the conversation, Rachel got a better idea of what our service actually involves. The boss explained the thorough checklist that our staff follow – they don’t just clean kitchens and bathrooms but also make sure germs are banished from tiles and even skirting boards. As she understood more about how we work, Rachel began to see things differently. Our way of doing stuff properly (rather than cutting corners) began to seem worthwhile; so did the effort we put in and the high standards we aim for.

Outcome and Customer Satisfaction

After talking, Rachel went from being annoyed to impressed. She was really happy with how professional and thorough our team were – in fact, she’s already told some friends to use us when they move! Her story shows it’s worth looking past first impressions; our high-quality cleaning may be more useful than you think.

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Conclusion: Redefining the Value of End-of-Tenancy Cleaning

To sum it up: The worth of end-of-tenancy cleaning is not just how long you scrub but how good a job you do overall. Day To Day Cleaners don’t cut corners – we clean every part of your place so well that when we leave, it’s spotless! This should give both landlords and tenants peace of mind; the property is perfect.

If you’re worried about end-of-tenancy cleaning (maybe because you’re moving out soon) then get in touch! Why not tell us what you think or ask a question; we want to explain things further as well as help. Our aim is for all moves to go smoothly – so if there is anything we can do let us know. Find out what professionalism can bring to this type of service by contacting Day-to-Day Cleaners.

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